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How does one create global transport concepts for the Wind Energy sector?

How does one create global transport concepts for the Wind Energy sector?

Simple.  Create a centralized Global Wind “Think Tank” in Herning, Denmark, where our staff have knowledge and experience in  this specialized industry going back to the time when some of the very first turbines were ever built and transported,  and combine it with deugro’s global presence to create deugro’s Global Wind Energy division.  The end result is a uniform concept that builds on quality, innovation, flexibility and competitiveness and is a truly global product.

Only with such a product can one guarantee a steady delivery flow for just in time erection, while also never compromising on safety.  Safety is probably the most important factor, which is why the deugro Global Wind Energy division is proud of its proven track record over the years. Challenging projects call for creative, innovative and efficient transport solutions to remote locations in the world.

The philosophy of our product is that every project and project destination is unique.  deugro must cater and plan for this uniqueness, adhering to best practice methods established by deugro, whilst adhering to local laws.  Only with flexibility, out of the box thinking, highly skilled and trained staff will we ensure conformity in standards, experience and execution.

Along these stringent criteria, the deugro Global Wind division has provided numerous examples of solutions for various projects to our clients, where project specific solutions have not only been a cost saving, but also ensured a safe and efficient execution of the project in a timely manner.  When global standards are not reached, deugro has also not shied away from even grander solutions:  investing in equipment.  Together with a joint venture partner, deugro has created a Chinese entity that operates transport equipment tailor made for the wind energy industry.  An industry first in China, this equipment vastly increases safety and reduces the possibility of damage – all the while also offering an economical transport solution.

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